Terms and Conditions

About us:

Corporate name: TALENOM, S.L.U.

Tax ID: B-66,461,351

Address: Rambla de Catalunya, 25, 1-1 (08007-Barcelona).

Telephone number: +34 934 814 349

Email: enquiry@avalanding.com

Website: www.avalanding.com

In order to manage your requests, and claims, to execute the right of withdrawal, as well as, for all questions or queries that the user may have regarding the website, you can contact us through the following email address: enquiry@avalanding.com

1.General clauses

1.1. This document contains our general contracting terms so we would kindly ask you to read these conditions carefully before accepting them. The use of our service will imply that you have read and agree to be bound by these conditions.

2.Budgeted services

2.1. The budgeted Services are based on the following assumptions:

  1. The instructions as well as the documentation presented, are complete, truthful, and lawful. However, TALENOM, S.L.U. may request additional information, documentation or instructions, which will be provided by the client in a period of time that allows the development of the work by TALENOM, S.L.U. in a timely and efficient manner.
  2. The Service will continue until its completion, as indicated in these General Conditions.
  3. No unforeseen impediment will arise that requires additional work not initially planned will be paid as an additional service.
  4. All the parties will collaborate in everything that may be required for the completion of the Service contracted, including other collaborators or advisors that the Client may have.
  5. Any consent or approval from the Client or third parties designated by them, will be granted in an agile and timely manner and will not require prolonged negotiations that exceed the reasonable limit of decision making.

2.2. Any work that the Client requires and that exceeds the strict description of the Services offered, will be charged separately. This also includes any additional report or explanation of a Service not described in the Services indicated in the budget, as well as any additional work that must be done due to any of the assumptions indicated above being incorrect.

2.3. The Services and budgeted prices DO NOT include, unless expressly indicated in the budget itself, the Services that may be needed by third parties to achieve the order made by the Client. By way of example, but not as a limitation, Notaries, Registrars, Procurators, Appraisers, Experts, Translators, Architects, etc.

2.4. Clients who are natural persons who act for a purpose unrelated to their professional activity and who contract the Services of TALENOM. S.L.U. exclusively through electronic means (outside the commercial establishment of TALENOM, S.L.U.), they may withdraw from the contract, leaving it without effect, as long as the execution of the Services has not yet begun.

  1. a) To exercise your right of withdrawal, you must notify TALENOM, S.L.U., within a maximum period of fourteen (14) calendar days, from the termination of the contract, without the need to justify your decision and without penalty. For it to take effect, the notification will be made in writing to TALENOM, S.L.U. by any legally valid means that allows proof of delivery.
  2. b) With the exercise of the right of withdrawal, TALENOM, S.L.U. undertakes to return the amounts paid to the Client, within a maximum period of fourteen (14) calendar days from the date on which the withdrawal was reported.
  3. c) Once TALENOM, S.L.U. start the Services, in the event that there is no statement to the contrary by the Client, the loss of the right of withdrawal is recognized. Except in the case of the express orientation of the Client in another sense, TALENOM, S.L.Y. is authorized to start the Services as soon as it receives this signed agreement from the Client.

3.Validity of the budget

3.1. The budgets are valid for thirty (30) days from the date of issue. After this period has elapsed without the contract between the Client and TALENOM, S.L.U. being updated, the services and prices offered may be subject to revision and modification.

3.2. The contract will become effective when the Client sends the signed service proposal to TALENOM, S.L.U.  and makes the payment of the first part of the fees indicated in the budget.

4.Payment Terms

4.1. The general terms of payment of the fees for the services provided by TALENOM, S.L.U.  will be the following:

  1. a) Recurring services:

a.1. The fees will be paid for months or anticipated quarters, as specified in each budget.

a.2. Tax&Accountancy services for companies will be compulsory paid by direct debit on the client’s Spanish bank account.

  1. b) Non-recurring services:

Unless otherwise indicated in the proposal, the amount of the retainer will be 50% of the total fees. In the event that the total fees are not known at the moment of the payment of the retainer (for example because the final fee is a percentage of an amount that is not known yet), the amount of the retainer is based on an estimation by TALENOM, S.L.U. and will be corrected in the final invoice.

b.1. The first part of the fees will be paid prior to the start of the provision of services by TALENOM, S.L.U. . Payment of this amount is an essential condition for contracting TALENOM, S.L.U. services and, therefore, the provision of services will not begin until payment of said fees takes place.

b.2. The remaining amount from the budgeted fees will be paid, prior to the conclusion of each of the services budgeted together with a provision of funds to meet the amount of supplies that TALENOM, S.L.U. provisionally calculates for the payment of expenses that may generate the completion of the services. It is understood by completion, by way of example, and not as a limitation:

  1. In non-recurring tax services, the invoice for the second part of the fees will be issued when the tax report or model is drawn up and before it is presented to the tax authorities.
  2. In the services that must be signed before a Notary for the validity of the legal business (see, sale and purchase, incorporation, bylaw’s amendments, horizontal divisions, dissolutions, mergers or acquisitions, etc.), the invoice for the second part of the fees will be issued before the signature before a Notary.

iii. In services related to residence or work permits, the invoice for the second part of the fees will be issued at the time that the entire file is prepared for presentation and before it.

4.2. Recurring services are understood as services that are repeated monthly or quarterly., The rest of the services are considered non-recurring.

4.3. In the event that an amount of provision for expenses has been paid together with the final bill of fees, once the service has been completed , TALENOM, S.L.U. will issue the invoice corresponding to the balance resulting from the provision of funds delivered to meet supplies related to the service and the final cost of said supplies, delivering a copy of the corresponding invoices to the Client.

4.4. Invoices will be deemed due and payable on the same date of issue.

4.5. TALENOM, S.L.U. undertakes to provide the rest of the services described in the budget accepted by the Client, even if they must take place at a time after the completion of the service and, therefore, after the invoicing of the remaining fees for the same, as indicated in this clause.

4.6 In the event of having contracted TALENOM, S.L.U.  to obtain the Digital Certificate or of having delivered a copy of it so that TALENOM, S.L.U.  can carry out the contracted services, the client expressly authorizes TALENOM, S.L.U. to store the aforementioned Certificate in its System.


5.1. The Client may terminate the contract service signed with TALENOM, S.L.U.  at any time, in order for the cancellation to take effect they must provide TALENOM, S.L.U.  with written notice, by any means valid in Law that allows proof of delivery.

5.2. TALENOM, S.L.U.  may terminate the service contract with the Client if:

  1. a) The Client has provided false information, does not provide the necessary documentation or information for the good completion of the service or has obviated essential information.
  2. b) The Client acts against our advice in a way that seriously damages the good completion of the service.
  3. c) TALENOM, S.L.U. believes that a conflict of interest has arisen.
  4. d) The Client does not pay: d.1. The fees prior to the completion of the services.

6.Delay in payment

6.1. The delay in the payment of our invoices will result in interest for late payment of 3.75% being charged.

6.2. The Client will be responsible for any expenses that may be caused by the claim for unpaid fees.

6.3. Failure to pay the fees within a maximum period of three days from the submission of the request for fees and / or provision of funds will result in the suspension of the services provided by TALENOM, S.L.U.. The Client may restore the services if they pay the fees and provisions pending in the maximum period of 14 days from receipt of invoices or fee requests. After this period, TALENOM, S.L.U.  will terminate the service contract with the consequences established in these Terms and Conditions.

6.4. TALENOM, S.L.U.  will not be responsible for any consequences arising from the termination or suspension of the services as a result of the non-payment of the fees that the Client may owe at any time.


7.1. TALENOM, S.L.U.  undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the information it stores or has knowledge through the provision of the services. TALENOM, S.L.U.  undertakes not to disclose that information to any person, unless the Client expressly or implicitly authorizes us to do so.

7.2. In all cases, TALENOM, S.L.U.  is irrevocably authorized to collect or retain information or documentation to comply with its legal obligations as well as to disclose to a bank or to any competent supervisory or regulatory authority, information or documentation related to the Client (including, but not limited to, information on any country under whose law the societies of the Client are constituted or from which the client may be a resident, national or have a close relationship).

8.Dispute resolution

8.1. The parties, waiving their own jurisdictions, expressly submit to the Jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona, to resolve before them any dispute related to the services provided, including the claim to the Client of the expenses and fees derived from the provision of services.