Legal Advice – Corporate Lawyers

Talenom International Mobility's corporate lawyers will help your business grow in Spain.

Why are we different?


We are international entrepreneurs ourselves – and we also are lawyers. Our team understands international business because they have been there and done it. The team consists, apart from lawyers, of international economists and business strategists. Taking care of the legal hurdles is a necessity, but any legal structure, contract, or other arraignment should serve the business purpose: maximize the benefits and minimize the risks for shareholders, directors, and other stakeholders.

We assist you at every stage of a business’ life cycle from starting the company in Spain, expansion by acquisition, partnerships, and ultimately a sale or other exit event.

One of our principal goals is to guarantee that the setup of your business in Spain, and any transactions it makes, complies with laws and regulations, while we proactively assist your business in Spain to reach its business goals.


What do our clients say about us?


According to our client satisfaction study, our clients rate us highly for being proactive, flexible, user-friendly, and practical.

Our Spanish corporate lawyers can help you with:

  • M&A: Sales and purchases of businesses and companies in Spain
  • Expansion of your existing business to Spain
  • Starting a company in Spain
  • Organizing distribution of your products in Spain
  • International and cross-border transactions between Spain and other countries
  • Joint ventures and other strategic partnerships in Spain
  • Compliance to avoid personal liabilities

What kind of clients we have served so far?


Over the last decade we have successfully attended hundreds of foreign companies and investors from 70 different countries to carry out investments and businesses in Spain. Our client base covers an extensive range of industries including real estate, technology, medical, food and beverage, energy, manufacturing, and distribution.

In this section you will find more information about starting a company in Spain and running it successfully.