Investment opportunities & financial advice

Looking for the best business and real-estate investment opportunities in Spain?

We find and analyze the best business and real estate Investment Opportunities in Spain for you.

Professional investors know that you make money when you buy, not when you sell. Investing smartly is the key to building a successful business.

When you invest in Spain as a foreigner, you need to have access to local knowledge and contacts to understand and recognize the best opportunities.

The Buyers’ Agents of Talenom International Mobility will be your partners in the process of investing in businesses or real estate in Spain. They will:

  • Seek to understand you, your preferences and profile.
  • Search for and analyze for you the best real estate and business opportunities.

With our buyers’ agent service, you can reduce the time to do the market research effectively when investing in companies or real estate in Spain: the best opportunities in a short period of time.

Our fee structure for this service is based partly on success fees, so we have a genuine interest in finding you the best possible investment opportunities in Spain in real estate and businesses.

Business in Spain: Sounds pleasant, but is it also profitable?

Our buyers’ agents work closely with the economists of Talenom International Mobility to make sure that your investment plans in Spain are economically feasible, considering the local market, taxes, cost-structure, etc. They will be by your side to:

  • Ensure that your Business plan is revamped to adapt to the local conditions.
  • Help you to avoid the typical mistakes international companies make when investing in Spain.
  • Maximize the Return on Investment of your Spanish business with local tricks of the trade.
  • Assist in managing your business in Spain remotely from abroad.
  • When buying or selling a business, help you in evaluating the companies and finding arguments to defend your selling or asking price.

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