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Work & Residency Permits

Our team of immigration lawyers in Spain is publicly recognized to be at the top of their class, especially regarding investment related residencies (“Golden Visa”); as well as immigration advice for businesses that seek to bring to Spain some non-EU talent, directors or highly qualified workers. Among other accomplishments, AvaLanding won in 2020 the public tender of the city of Barcelona to maintain the residency permit section of the Barcelona International Welcoming service for talent, businesses, and investors in Spain.

Any European can live and work in Spain merely by registering at the police and applying for the resident NIE certificate. Any non-European who wishes to live and work in Spain for more than the tourist visa of 90 days, has to apply for a residency and work permit.

What are my options regarding the residency permit in Spain?

AvaLanding has experience in all the 20+ different Spanish residency and work permits that are currently available. During the first free meeting with our immigration specialists you will find out which of the permits suits you or your non-EU employees the best. No matter if you are an investor seeking for the Golden Visa in Spain, a company seeking to import highly qualifies employees, or a family just planning to come to live and enjoy the quality of life with the non-lucrative visa, our Spanish immigration lawyers are here to help. There is a residency option for everyone.

You can find lots of interesting information about obtaining residency in Spain in the following articles and videos.

Work & Residency

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