AvaLanding reinforces partnership with Banco Sabadell’s ‘Welcome Service’

Banco Sabadell’s online platform ‘Welcome Service’, is aimed at expatriates and residential tourists who move to live and work in Spain. 

AvaLanding, a leader in the representation of investors and foreign companies in Spain, is one of the companies supporting Banco Sabadell’s ‘Welcome Service’.

December, 2020.- AvaLanding, a firm specializing in international mobility for foreign companies and investors seeking to open business in Spain has joined forces with Banco Sabadell on their ‘Welcome Service” platform for expatriates and residential tourists who move to live and work in Spain.

The need for an informational platform supporting foreigners with who have moved or are planning a move to Spain comes from the flow of non-resident citizens who wish to relocate to Spain to take advantage in an environment that allows them to grow professionally while offering an improvement in terms of quality of life.

According to Raisa Venermo, founding partner of AvaLanding, “there is a strong interest in Spain for the quality of life that the country offers, a situation that has not changed despite the global crisis.” Consequently, Venermo predicts that foreign investment in real estate will gain momentum when the borders are opened.

With Avalanding, Banco Sabadell’s service has brought together companies specializing in various sectors to offer services of different types, such as legal, real estate and tax assistance for international professionals and residential tourists who want to come to Spain to live or work.

Spain, the ideal place to telework

Due to the pandemic and the resultant limitations imposed on the opening of offices; the opportunity to telework in a place with a warm climate and an attractive cost of living increases the interest of North Europeans in acquiring homes in Spain.

“Many people from the Nordic countries, who have the opportunity to work remotely, are no longer looking for houses on the outskirts of Helsinki, but directly in southern Europe. If you can work from home, your home can be where there is sun and sand instead of ice and darkness. Spain has a lot to gain in terms of foreign investment if we know how to play the quality-of-life card well,” says AvaLanding’s founding partner.

AvaLanding, experts in advising for foreign investors

With 13 years of experience in the market, Avalanding has established itself as the ideal partner for foreign investors. So far, the company has assisted clients from 70 different countries in their investments in Spain, which already exceeds 200 million euros.

AvaLanding is led by its founding partners Raisa Venermo and Lourdes Santisteban Bolaños. It has a multilingual team of specialized professionals and lawyers who are experts in immigration, real estate investment, tax planning, and accounting, commercial and corporate law, mergers and acquisitions.

Avalanding provides the full range of services for its international clients and strives to provide clients a successful start of their life and their businesses in Spain and continuing support once they have landed.

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