About Us

“One of my commitments as the Director of Talenom International Mobility is to ensure that all the experience we have gained in assisting hundreds of international clients from 70 different countries to land in Spain, are used in the benefit of our current and future clients”
Lourdes Santisteban
Director,Talenom International Mobility
“I’m originally from Finland and have been living in many countries before settling down in Spain. I know out of my own experience what it takes to succeed in a country where the laws, language and business culture are different from yours. There are some mistakes you need to do yourself – but vastly more of those that we can help you to avoid.”
Raisa Venermo
International Mobility Executive,Talenom International Mobility
Isabel M.


We remove legal, economical, administrative, and practical barriers so that businesses can grow easier across borders.


Safe landing and stress-free day-to-day anywhere.


Having successfully completed hundreds of foreign investment projects and served clients from 70 different countries, we have gained the necessary experience in all three aspects of foreigners landing to Spain.


We are flexible and more agile in our work processes than the more traditional old-school competition in our sector. Flexibility externally and internally is embedded in our DNA as a company.


Proactivity results in efficiency. It allows us to foresee and anticipate the unique and personal necessities of our clients - and find solutions before problems arise.


Business is done by people. The law or markets are not in the center of our relationship. You are.

Values & Corporate Responsibility

Our clients move to Spain out of their free will but there are millions of people that are forced to leave their homes for wars, natural catastrophes, or other reasons beyond their control. To give back to the society, AvaLanding collaborates every month with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. If you want to help as well, here is a link where you can find more information: www.unhcr.org